dinsdag 27 mei 2014

Tiny, tinier, tiniest

In the last post I talked about my new Mindy resin. I really love this sculpture, so I tried making tack in stablemate scale (which I'd never done before).

I can't say that it came out spectacularly well, since I used selfmade hardware for this project. 

It looks kind of cool on Mindy though, and I'm sure that with some practise...

(and good hardware)...

...my mini tack could improve a lot.

The bridle and boot (yes, I was too lazy to make the other boot) have fixed buckles

And the tack needs to be sticky-waxed in place.

The bridle is cut at one side of the crownpiece, so it can be slipped on and then sticky-waxed. This prevents ear rubs and it's a really easy method to use. Credit for coming up with this method is Anna Kirby of Dreamflite Design - thank you Anna for sharing your tackmaking secrets! 

I need to muster the courage to try making a saddle in this scale (heck, I don't even really make saddles in Trad or Classic scale, let alone stablemate!). So far making tack in SM scale is *difficult*! But I like it and I hope to improve my techniques in the near future :) I have looooooads of minis that need tack, so enough projects for practise.

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